ATF Fellowship Network

The ATF Fellowship supports our mission by awarding academic fellowships and project grants, sponsoring professional development activities, and fostering a growing network of ATF Fellows, inno scroll vation practitioners, and organizations.

The ATF Fellowship Network represents the core of the African Technology Foundation’s programs.  The Foundation has fully realized the value inherent in its Fellowship Network, mobilizing the Fellows, and recognizing them as its greatest asset.  The ATF Fellowship Network is an actively engaged cadre of highly talented, committed professionals who work to drive technological innovation on the African continent. 

ATF Fellows use their multidisciplinary knowledge and intellectual resources to enable technology support systems across the African continent.  Fellows also provide fundamental support, expertise, and encouragement to each other in preparation for current and future engagements.

The ATF Fellowship Network has five main focus areas – Research, Communications, Network Activities, Mentorship and Career Support Services.

The goals of the Network are to: 

  • Support and reinforce the careers and efforts of the community of ATF Fellows and facilitate their support of each other.
  • Assist ATF Fellows in achieving positions of leadership and visibility in order to increase their effectiveness.
  • Foster collaboration among Fellows working on similar issues or sectors and to promote peer-to-peer learning and coaching.
  • Develop a community of ATF Fellows who share in training, leadership, and networking opportunities.
  • Provide an interdisciplinary source of expertise from which organizations, government agencies, policy makers and media contacts can draw when expertise on a technology innovation issue is needed.

 ATF Campus Ambassadors

Our Campus Ambassador Program provides an enabling platform for grooming the next generation of African leaders, engaging with the African Students Organizations across North America, sponsoring professional development activities, and fostering a growing network of ATF Ambassadors, innovation practitioners, and afro-centric organizations.

The ATF Campus Ambassador Network (ATF-CAN) represents a rich pipeline that supports the Foundation’s innovation programs.  ATF-CAN is an actively engaged cadre of highly talented, leaders of African Student Organizations who work to support technological innovation initiatives on the African continent.  Network members also provide fundamental support, expertise, and encouragement to each other in preparation for current and future engagements.


  • Host monthly ATF programs.
  • Communicate with the ATF Youth Engagement Fellowship about relevant issues facing African students on your campus.

  • Program Support
  • Support the initiatives of other Ambassadors on campuses across the US
  • Conduct research projects for ATF
  • Recruitment

  • Continuously promote and advertise the ATF Campus Ambassador Program within your personal and professional network

    Outreach for ATF to potentially find new collaborations and projects of interest
  • Frontline of Change in Africa: Learn about the latest partnerships, projects, and entrepreneurs from across Africa.

  • Get Connected: Connect with a network of like-minded African youth who share a passion for Africa. Connect with the change agents who are working on incredibly projects on the continent.

  • Develop Your Skills: Enhance your public speaking, event planning, and communication skills.

  • Participate in Special Events: Be eligible to participate in McGraw-Hill events such as new product testing and focus groups, and be considered for summer internships.

  • Build Your Resume: Include the experience you get in the ATF Campus Ambassador Program on your resume.

  • Gain Recommendations: Upon successful completion of the program, you’ll be eligible for a strong letter of recommendation to help in your future job search.

  • Enhance your Networking Skills: Through campus activities, virtual hangouts, and regional meet-ups, you will make new friends and connections across the country and around the world.

  • Invest in Professional Growth: As an ambassador, you will be invited to attend monthly professional development events.

  • Win Prizes: Opportunities exist for research grants, travel opportunities, trips to conferences, ATF swag, and more!
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    Simply stated, ATF supports African entrepreneurs - broadly defined - by providing access to the knowledge and resources necessary to help their enterprises thrive. We do this through a series of partnerships that support and strengthen entrepreneurs to ensure their success.
    As a Campus Ambassador, it is your responsibility to extend the mission of the Foundation onto your campus. Our hope is that by identifying and investing in young African leaders, change agents, and entrepreneurs, we will be able to create a powerful network of the next generation of African leaders. As an Ambassador, you will host ATF sponsored activities, help promote the ATF brand on your campus, and throughout as well as to support ATF programming as needed.
    We envision that dedicating approximately 2 - 4 hours per week working on your ambassador duties will be sufficient. There may be moments and projects, such as hosting a campus hangout, which will require more time.
    In order to promote centralized communication, there is a limit to one Campus Ambassador per campus. However, this does not apply for institutions with both graduate and undergraduate programs. We will also consider individual requests on a case-by-case basis.
    Ambassadors serve for one year terms to commence at the beginning of the academic year and will run through the end of the academic year. Ambassadors are allowed to serve for more than one (1) but no more than two (2) years.
    At the beginning of each month, you will be notified of a nationwide ‘theme’ that represents the discussion topic for ATF chapters across the country. These themes will also have an associated task for you to complete during the course of the month.
    No. The Campus Ambassador program should work in close collaboration with the African Students Organization/Association that exists on your campus.
    Your tenure as a Campus Ambassador is a volunteer position. However, there are limited grants available upon the completion of Foundation related projects and programs. Additionally, specific, pre-approved costs, such as travel costs, related to your work as an Ambassador will be covered by the Foundation.
    Once you sign on as an ambassador, you will have monthly check-ins with the Youth Engagement Fellow. You are also invited to join monthly professional development webinars with our board members. Other opportunities to engage with the Foundation include through regional ATF campus hangouts where you will be able to connect with other ambassadors. We also invite you to like us on social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram @Innovate_Africa.