Our Partner Network

Through the combined activities of our Friends of African Technology network and our affiliations within the African technology ecosystem including technology incubators and accelerators, we are fully equipped to provide a robust knowledge base of innovation case studies, scenario analyses and market research reports. Our partner network also allows us to provide actionable intelligence to African startups that require international partners to scale their business globally.

Our Mentorship Network

Our mentorship network consists of ATF members who are committed to mentoring entrepreneurs and students in Africa. The mentorship network aims to identifying and recruiting ATF members who are enthusiastic about mentorship, setting up initial contacts between mentors and mentees, providing high quality mentors to African students, entrepreneurs, and innovation stakeholders who are interested in internationalizing African technologies and enhancing careers and build relationships between mentors and mentees.

Through our network of mentors, we provide access to specialized human resources, customized management development tools, techniques and programs that enable African entrepreneurs to operate effectively and achieve real business results in international markets. We also offer customized growth management and leadership programs for startups and that are seeking to operate more effectively and scale internationally.

Our Diaspora Network

Our foundation is deeply connected within the exponentially growing African diaspora network of students and professionals. Through our diaspora affiliations, we are equipped with a full range of entrepreneurial support resources and knowledgebases that are critical to the innovation actors on the African continent. Further, through the intellectual benevolence of our diaspora agents, we have a rich and growing pipeline of volunteer mentors, advisors, managers and technologists who are willing to give back to the continent of their heritage.

Our Value Delivery Network

Our team of Mentors, Fellows and Associates is made up of people who have achieved success as entrepreneurs, investors, technology executives, practitioners and consultants. We are strong advocates of collaborative innovation with a unified vision to empower entrepreneurs, technology communities and ecosystems. Our value delivery network includes university, business and government stakeholders that are committed to scaling the impact of our work and portfolio.