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We believe in the inherent ingenuity of African entrepreneurs. But we also acknowledge that across the continent, entrepreneurs and innovation actors require a dynamic set of technical support systems to bring their ideas to market and build sustainable businesses.

Our impact on the continent

We deliver programs around key economic sectors and provide African technology startups with the necessary knowledge, tools and resources that empower them to raise the economic profiles of their communities, municipalities and countries.

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Founder's Message

The African Technology Foundation is positioning the new Africa and we are firmly committed to act as one of the catalysts that allow digital entrepreneurship and economic development to thrive across the continent.

With the right support, tools and resources, the next decade will present a lot of change makers in the African technology ecosystem. These change makers will be  well positioned to take advantage of leapfrogging technologies tailored to addressing the varying needs of the billion plus people on the continent.

We are dedicated to offering unique opportunities for these African startups to interact with global stakeholders across multiple sectors and industries. With our stage agnostic support activities, we also seek to uncover relevant industry convergences between African and Western actors and build bilateral trade and technology platforms.

Stephen Ozoigbo